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It had been the custom of the lawyers traveling the circuit to indulge in a friendly game of poker nearly every night after court adjourned, and Judge Walker occasionally took a hand in the One night in Bracken County the court and thelawyers joined in a friendly game the evening they arrived, and the next morning before court oper d, the judge was seen in earnest conversation with the When court opened the judge delivered the usual charge to the Grand Jury, and then added: rampant in this county, despite vigorous efforts to suppress it, and it is your duty to bring to justice the occasional as well as the persistent offenders." Then he turned to the attorneys, and continued:"Gentlemen, you are officers of the court, and as such are sworn to uphold the laws and constitution return of indictments, which I now instruct the Turning "bankroll" to the prosecuting- attorney, he said:"You are not only a lawyer, but the prosecuting attorney, sworn to bring offenders to justice. Training and deployment of the Iraqi army and policeare being cited as reasonsthe Baghdad government is struggling to provide dan.

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There is one banker and any amount of players, each one of whom holds the box hi turn: fun. Slot - surround yourself with teachers who are inspiring, empowering and in alignment with your personal principles The authors and contributors to this course are successful because they have discovered the key elements of this program through the course of their living, and have already successfully applied and integrated each tool in both their They will take you from concept to the finish line in less time than most people spend watching television every week. We see that "games" each month, if all the tickets are sold, the sum paid to agents as commission on the sale of tickets, and tickets are sold. When Regulus was on his return to Carthage, did he prevent the torments, which he knew were preparing for him, by deftroying himfelf? What would not Pofthumus have given, when obliged to pafs under the yoke at Caudium, had tliis refource been juftifiable? How much did even the fenate admire that effort of courage, which enabled the conful Varro to furvive his defeat? For what reafon did fo many generals voluntarily furrender themfelves to their enemies, they, to whom ignominy was fo dreadful, and who were fo little afraid of dying? It was becaufe they confidered their blood, their life, and their lateft pay breath, as devoted to their country j and neither fhame nor misfortune could diffuade them from this facred duty.

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"Effective Date" shall have the meaning provided in Section"Equity Interest" shall mean any stock or similar security, voting trust certificate or certificate of deposit for any of the foregoing; general or limited partnership interest, interest in a joint venture, interest in a business trust, voting trust certificate or certificate of deposit for any of the foregoing; or any security convertible, with or without consideration, into any of the foregoing, or carrying any warrant or right to subscribe to or purchase any of the foregoing: or any such warrant or right; or any put, call, straddle or other option or privilege of buying any of the foregoing from or selling any of the foregoing to another Person without being bound to do so, or any similar security or interest, or any proceeds of or rights in (including, without limitation, any distributions in respect of), or record or beneficial interest in any of the foregoinq held or owned by a Person including without limitation all Equity Interests which are controlled by such Person (regardless of whether such Person is the record or"ERISA Affiliate" shall mean each trade or business (whether or not incorporated) which together with the Borrower would be deemed to be a"single employer" within the meaning of Section"ERISA Termination Event" shall mean (i) a"Reportable Event" thereunder (other than a"Reportable Event" not subject to the ERISA Affiliates from any Plan, (iii) the filing of a notice of intent to terminate a Plan or the treatment of a Plan amendment as proceedings to terminate a Plan by the PBGC or (v) any other event ERISA for the termination of, or the appointment of a trustee to"Event of Default" shall mean any event or condition referred to Article VI which shall have been declared to be an Event of Default pursuant thereto or any event referred to in Section"Excess Cash Balances" shall mean, at the end of any month, giving effect to distributions which have been or should have been cash or Cash Equivalents held by the Borrower as a reserve Cor disputed claims in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and past practices of the Borrower and (b) an amount equal to all interest actually earned on any Cash Collateral pledged to the Agent for the benefit of the Banks and distributed to the Agent on or before the fifth Business Day of the next month"Extension" shall have the meaning provided in Section"Extension Business Plan" shall have the meaning provided in"Extension Conditions" shall have the meaning provided in"Final Maturity Date" shall mean the Initial Maturity Date or, if the Extension shall have occurred, the Extended Maturity"Foreclosure Event" shall have the meaning provided in the penultimate paragraph of Article VI: 1000. The choice of military dining facilities varied greatly among the Service branches and across the three daily meals, with Air Force personnel indicating the least use of dining LOCATION AND FREQUENCY OF MEALS CONSUMED, BY SERVICE AND GENDER Location and Frequency of Meals At Home or Food Brought from Home In Military Dining Facility or Take Out In Restaurant or Restaurant Take Out Omit this Meal at Least Two Times Per (Table continued on next page) aaNNOsaaa a whim Aina.t.uov dncmv saoiAvxras aaivaaa HiavaH ao abatos asiaaaaa ao iNawxwaaa sooc LOCATION AND FREQUENCY OF MEALS CONSUMED, BY SERVICE AND GENDER Location and Frequency of Meals Breakfast Lunch Dinner Breakfast Lunch Dinner At Home or Food Brought from Home In Military Dining Facility or Take Out In Restaurant or Restaurant Take Out Omit this Meal at Least Two Times Per Note: Table displays the percentage of military personnel by Service and gender who reported eating or omitting breakfast, lunch, presented in parentheses.

KIKO, Chief of Staff-General Counsel machines PERRY H:

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South Australia has followed the example set by Victoria.

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