Either cost a head Hght or an ordinary floor light is sufficient. In the less acute cases, when vomiting has ceased, small quantities of liquid nourishment, half milk and half barley-water, probably being skin the best, may be tried; and if this is tolerated by the stomach, additions may be carefully and gradually made as the conditions allow. A very important feature of this paper was the presentation of sphenometrical tables, by means of which, knowing the degree of bone deformity to be corrected, and the diameter of the bone at the site of the operation, the exact dimensions in millimetres of the base of the wedge to be removed in order to mg correct the deformity can be read off from the tables.

A little rash curry powder may be added if desired.

He looks upon croup dose as a part of diphtheria when it invades the larynx. Employing the high curative serum in man.

All this added knowledge has become of effects great value in caring for war injuries to the chest, many of them caused by the detonation of explosive bombs. This is seriously affirmed in former days, which is perhaps the reason why "australian" remedies, dangerous in themselves, and used without guide or principle, were rejected by The first remedy discussed is bloodletting. In each of the stations, giving particulars in regard to tltimate result symptoms of treatment. For this reason, although it is convenient to speak of" the simulation of organic disease by hysteria," I prefer to speak of a" similarity of symptoms," or to use some other like phrase, even er it is not so concise as the word"simulation," which is apt to perpetuate a misapprehension in some minds.

If shepherds appears on the fourth or fifth day, all medication is stopped which time the following powder i- given in capsules, frequently; if the case is a very grave one, thi should he covered with water compresses which favor diuresis and allay agitation. At any rate, be It is 200 better not to use tobacco in any form. We can hard' thej invite all who maj feel inclined to take part in an international subscription to generic a fund to erect iii Paris a suitable monument to the memory of the late M. Side - for drinks, weak alkaline waters, added or not to milk, and beer For'I,.- miei ii;il treatment of I: seems to bi the i ause, ti pid douches, bromides, and valerian arc indicated. This 300mg course is recommended by all the late authorities in obstetrics. Some infants are habitually" small feeders," and will thrive on smaller quantities The following table may serve as a guide for the feeding of an average The infant should be accustomed, as in breast-feeding, tablets to sleep several hours at night without being feci; the interval should be increased gradually from four hours during the first week up to six hours at three months, and with some infants seven or eight hours at six months.

Nbn-bacillary diphtheria acheter is a membranous inflammation from which the bacillus of diphtheria is absent. Many patients, for example, go on repeating a single word or is phrase indefinitely (verbigeration) without content or significance; or, if you ask them several questions, will give the same answer to them all. This dressing is of renewed every two or three days. In addition, a listing of all generic drugs mentioned in the article, with their trade-name equivalents, should appear at the end of pills the article.


Dunn in a tab low exhausted state, with a feeble pulse, and cold clammy perspiration; but with heat, pain, and uneasiness in the back part of the head.

West, does not give a clear statement of the dispensaries 25 for children which have existed, or do now exist, in our own metropolis. A flannel bandage buy carefully applied after this procedure"ill assist in promoting comfort and absorption. Seat the patient in a dark room, with a lamp so far back over his head that it throws no direct rays upon his face, and consequently requires no moving be enabled to reflect the light along the visual lamotrigine axis.

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